Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hagerstown Report

Hagerstown was a great race.  Met a couple of really cool people, one of which sounds like it will be someone who is going to be a great training partner and even better yet, he lives like 5 minutes from me.  

Got there very early (as always) and was the first on in transition.  Picked the prime spot closest to the bike out/bike in and got the end of the rack.  Got the bike set up and ready to roll and then it was wait time.  Duathlon is a lot cleaner in transition as you are already starting off in running shoes and you have zero swim gear to contend with so it was kind of odd to have so little laying next to the bike, even for someone who keeps very little to begin with in transition anyway.  I kept taking in water and ate a couple of snacks then went on a quick jog around 9 o'clock after a stretched out.  

It was a mass start at 9:30 and to say it started fast was an understatement

1.9 mile run - 12:21
T1 - :50
10 mile bike - 29:46
T2 - :48
5k run - 22:54

Overall a 1:06:41 and I was pleased with that.  It put me in 5th in my age group which looked to be pretty tough from the times that were posted.  All three podium times were sub 1 hour and fourth place finished only about a minute faster than me.  I was happy with both runs and feel I could have had the 5k under 22 minutes but due to cramping on the bike (unsure why at this point and will explain) at mile 7 through the finish I was worried about pushing any harder on the run.  

I was plenty hydrated and thought my carb intake for the previous 72 hours leading up to the race was pretty spot on.  I am a little unsure why the cramping started and started so early.  I am going to make sure to get the bike out for some good long run/ride/run's and see if it continues to happen since it is a new bike and position is completely different than what i was used to last year.  

All in all I was very happy with the day and take it in stride.  The big races start in July and this puts me in position to really know what to work on.  

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